About Acuity Specialty Hospital of Southern New Jersey

Acuity Specialty Hospital of Southern New Jersey (ASHSNJ) is a 69-bed Long Term Acute Care Hospital (LTACH) that is 100 percent employee-owned. The hospital is specifically designed and staffed to provide intensive care to patients who are either ventilator dependent or have other medically complex conditions such as extensive non-healing wounds, infections, system failures or complications from surgery. The hospital utilizes a physician led interdisciplinary team of highly skilled clinicians who develop a customized plan of care designed to support and effectively treat some of the most complex clinical conditions found in healthcare.

Patients are referred for care at ASHSNJ from all over the United States. In the Delaware Valley, 35 community and tertiary care hospitals choose ASHSNJ for extended hospitalization and continuity of care. Since 2005,  ASHSNJ has been setting the standard of care in the industry, patient clinical outcomes are among the best in the nation for ventilator weaning and complex wound healing. Additionally, the staff believes in a providing a culture of quality and an environment of safety where all patients, families and visitors are treated with the utmost respect and dignity. We are conveniently located in Burlington County New Jersey and easily accessible to most residents of the greater Delaware Valley, southern and central New Jersey. For additional information on quality measures and clinical outcomes please visit Patient Testimonials to find out what our patients think about the hospital. We would like to thank you for considering ASHSNJ and look forward to being part of your recovery.

If you any questions or would like additional information, please contact us at 609-835-3650.


How do you make a referral to Acuity Specialty Hospital of New Jersey?

Acuity Specialty Hospital of New Jersey accepts referrals from hospitals, clinicians, rehabilitative centers, skilled nursing facilities, and families. Our hospital is Medicare certified and accepts most insurance plans, as well as workers compensation.

To make a referral, please contact the Admissions Department at 609-441-8123. An Acuity Specialty Hospital Clinical Liaison will conduct an on-site evaluation. Financial assessment of insurance coverage and eligibility is also determined at this time.

All admission determinations will be made and communicated to the referral source. Upon approval of a patient’s admission, communication of clinical information is coordinated by our clinical liaisons along with the admissions department. The medical information is then transferred to the patient’s new chart upon their arrival.

Acuity Specialty Hospital of New Jersey provides care to adults without regard to gender, race, religion, national origin, or sexual orientation.

Thank you for your interest in Acuity Specialty Hospital of New Jersey. We encourage you to tour our hospital and meet our staff at any time prior to admission.  If you have any questions please contact the admissions office (609-441-8123) and we will be happy to assist you.

Contact Us

The Acuity Specialty Hospital Provider Relations Team

The Acuity Specialty Hospital Provider Relations Department is comprised of a team of diverse, creative professionals. Our goal is to ensure the best outcomes and a smooth transition for each patient referred to Acuity Specialty Hospital. Please call Holly at 609-441-8123 to arrange to meet with one of our liaisons, or to schedule a tour of the hospital.

Claire Brown, BSN, RN | Director of Provider Relations

Claire Brown, RN, received her BSN from Leicester University (DeMonfort Campus) in Leicester, England and a BS at Clayton College, Alabama. Claire has 30 years of Nursing experience in various areas such Nursing Management, Critical Care, ER, case management for Horizon BCBS of NJ, Marketing and out in the field in various roles. Claire has 2 adult children and enjoys dancing and traveling.

Saundra McCarthy, LPN | Clinical Liaison

Saundra McCarthy, LPN, has 10 years of work experience with HealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospitals of Largo, FL and Vineland, NJ. Her experience has afforded her exceptional knowledge related to physician and public relations, business development, sales and marketing. She also volunteers for various non-profit organizations. Saundra is very busy outside of work keeping up with and caring for her twin 5 year old daughters.

Sabina Booker, MS, MBA | Clinical Liaison

Sabina G. Booker, MS, MBA received her BA in Psychology from Rutgers University, MS in Interdisciplinary Health Science with a concentration in Pharmacology and Biochemistry from Drexel University College of Medicine, and her MBA in Marketing from Montclair State University. She has 10 years of work experience with post-acute patient assessments, physician relationship management, and business development. Her experience has afforded her exceptional knowledge related to health care branding, physician and public relations, marketing and strategic business growth. Sabina is a proud parent of 3 children – her oldest daughter is a college honors student at TCNJ, and she has a 3 year old daughter and 2 year old son at home. In her spare time, Sabina enjoys spending time with her family, traveling, fishing, going to the beach, and is an avid foodie!

Holly Gerena | Admissions Coordinator

Holly Gerena, LPN, is the Admissions Coordinator at Acuity Specialty Hospital with extensive experience in subacute and assisted living Facilities as a wellness nurse. Holly also has 5 years’ experience working as a hospice bedside nurse. She was also the manager of the home health aides with the same company.  She is married and is the proud mother of 4 boys. Her family travels for different sports events throughout the year.

Kelly Bowman | Clinical Liaison

Kelly Bowman, LPN, worked as a bedside nurse in the Long Term Care environment. During that time, Kelly was afforded many opportunities to further her knowledge and leadership skills. She held various positions including Staff Educator, Infection Control Nurse, and Assistant Director of Nursing. Kelly is a proud parent of 4 children- 3 adult kids and 1 very precocious 5 year old. In her spare time, Kelly enjoys attending country music concerts and spending time at the beach.

Kristi Forvour | Clinical Liaison

Kristi Forvour, RN, received her degree at Helene Fuld School of Nursing. Kristi has been working at Acuity Specialty Hospital of New Jersey since 2012. Before becoming a Clinical Liaison, she worked as a critical care nurse floor nurse at Acuity and a team leader. Kristi’s experience has afforded her exceptional knowledge related to critically ill patients, and excellent relationships with Physicians and other clinicans. Kristi is an extremely proud mother of 3 beautiful children. In her spare time, Kristi enjoys spending time with family and friends, traveling and getting in as many beach days as possible.

Christy Musey Rossi | Clinical Liaison

Christy Musey Rossi comes from an extensive Healthcare background which includes experience in Senior care and Assisted Living. Christy holds aCertified Assisted Living Administrators License (CALA.) obtained in 2013.Christy has also been the Executive Director of Lindsay House Assisted Living and was the Regional Director of Sales and Marketing for Assisted Living Concepts. Up until recently Christy was the Center Director for Senior Care of Salem.Christy is actively involved in volunteering for youth sports and is an avid softball player.


After a patient is clinically accepted to our specialty hospital, they will be assigned a room and an attending physician. Acuity Specialty Hospital of Southern New Jersey is located on both the 1st and 3rd floor of Lourdes Medical Center of Burlington County. Each patient will be assigned a Case Manager and an Ambassador, upon admission. Within 24-48 hours, your Case Manager will coordinate a family meeting to discuss the plan and goals of care.

It is helpful to have the following information available upon admission:

  • Personal Identification card(s)
  • Insurance cards or Medicare cards
  • Living will, power of attorney or durable power of attorney if applicable
  • Copy of an organ donation request card if applicable

We strongly suggest you leave valuables at home. The hospital is not responsible for valuables or money kept in your room.

Resources for Families

Future Planning:

Advance Directives: An advance directive is a way for you or your loved one to communicate about the type of care you/they want to receive. It is a good idea for everyone to speak with their family about their care wishes and to create an advance directive. If you do not have an advance directive forms are available online at New Jersey Department of Health Website.


POLST: Practitioner Orders for Life Sustaining Treatment – If you or a loved one is suffering from a chronic disease process that is in the end stages you may want to consider a POLST. A POLST form is physician orders regarding life sustaining treatment. These are actionable orders that will follow you throughout your interaction with the healthcare system. You can find more information about POLST on the New Jersey Department of Health Website.


Power of Attorney: There are several different types of Power of Attorney. A Power of attorney designates who you or your loved one wants to make decisions regarding healthcare and finances. It is a good idea to have a Power of Attorney for both healthcare and finances. Banks are very strict and will not give your family access to your finances unless they have a financial power of attorney or are named on the bank account. Having a financial power of attorney will reduce your stress regarding finances if you are unable to manage them yourself. Additionally a Medical Power of Attorney will make it clear to your family and your physicians who you want to speak for you if you are unable to speak for yourself. Additional information regarding Power of Attorney is available at http://www.nj.gov/ooie/helpful/durable_power_attorney.html.

There are downloadable POA forms at https://powerofattorney.com/new-jersey/. If you are interested in creating a POA document, but have questions or feel that your situation is more complicated it is recommended that you speak with an attorney.
Guardianship: If your loved one is not able to sign a POA you may need to pursue guardianship. Guardianship is a legal decision about a patient’s competency. It is recommended that you speak with an attorney regarding guardianship. More information can be found at http://www.state.nj.us/humanservices/ddd/services/guardianship/.

VA benefits:
If you/your spouse or your loved one/your loved one’s spouse served active duty in the military during wartime you may be eligible for the aid and attendance benefit. This benefit provides coverage for home health aide assistance or financial assistance with assisted living. In order to apply for the Aid and Attendance benefit you will need to contact your local VA office. You can reach the VA by calling 888-8NJ-VETS or download the benefit guide at http://www.nj.gov/military/veterans/njguide/2016-NJ-Veterans-Benefits-Guide.pdf.

If you do not have a secondary insurance or if you feel that you/your loved one will need a longer course of assistance whether in a long term care facility, assisted living, or at home we strongly recommend completing a Medicaid application. Even if you have been denied in the past changes to your medical condition may change your eligibility. Medicaid is based on financial and medical/functional criteria. Medicaid will help to cover any co-pays that you may obtain during your course of illness as well as provide coverage for ongoing assistance including long term care, assisted living, home health aides, home health equipment, transportation, and Medicaid to list a few. You can apply for Medicaid through your county welfare office.

You can get further information about Medicaid at the New Jersey State Website. Click Here for additional information. When you apply for Medicaid you will need both financial and identifying information. Click Here for a checklist that will help you determine what information you will need to take with you when you apply. The Medicaid application  needs to be completed and can be mailed in. If you have questions about the Medicaid process or your eligibility please contact your local Welfare office.

Discharge Planning:
While you are a patient at Acuity Specialty Hospital of Southern New Jersey you will have a case manager that will assist you with discharge planning. Sometime people need further rehab after their ASHSNJ stay. This rehabilitation may be done at home or in an inpatient facility. You can find further information about facilities available by clicking here.

Additional Resources:
You can find information about other resources such as energy assistance and food stamps by clicking here. Additional resources are also available through the state of New Jersey and the county in which you reside. Always you can reach out to your case manager or your local welfare office if you feel you need further assistance.

Prescription Assistance:
Partnership for Prescription Assistance https://www.pparx.org/
Pharmaceutical Assistance Program https://www.medicare.gov/pharmaceutical-assistance-program/
PAAD http://www.state.nj.us/humanservices/doas/services/paad/
Senior Gold http://www.state.nj.us/humanservices/doas/home/seniorgolddetail.html

Access Link: http://www.njtransit.com/tm/tm_servlet.srv?hdnPageAction=AccessLinkTo
Burlink: http://www.driveless.com/pdfs/Burlink_B1_sched_web.pdf
Independent Transportation Network of America: http://itnamerica.org/?gclid=CISxzcihl9ICFQwQaQodXm8HpQ
Atlantic County Transportation Service: http://www.driveless.com/gettingaround_shuttle_atlantic_01_1032008.htm
Community Cars: Hudson, Bergen, Monmouth, and Passiac counties http://www.ezride.org/3-0-seniortransportation.asp
Community Paratransit: http://www.njtransit.com/tm/tm_servlet.srv?hdnPageAction=ParaTransitTo

Visit Us

Visiting Hours

There are no restrictions on visiting hours at Acuity. We do ask that there are only 2 visitors at one time due to space restrictions. However, one family member or friend is  allowed to stay with the patient overnight for as long as requested and approved.




Dear Care Staff:

I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to all of you that diligently worked so hard to ensure my complete recovery. When transferred to your facility my family prepared to take me home and provide 24-hour care, my situation did not look good. However, with the help of God and all of you I am better than ever. I arrived there sedated for almost a month, on a ventilator and not able to eat, speak, or walk. I left your facility walking, talking, and eating. Your team gave me a brand new lease on life with Gods help and I am forever grateful. Thank you for the care and compassion that was shown to my family and me.

May God Bless you in the same measure that you have blessed me!

With Love,

Mr. & Mrs. Robert D. Roane and Family


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