Organize and conduct medically prescribed physical therapy programs in the Hospital to restore function and prevent disability following
disease, injury or loss of a body part; help patient reach his/her maximum performance and assume a place in society while learning to live within the limits of his/her capabilities.
Perform Physical Therapy evaluations as prescribed by physician and establish therapy programs for each patient, involving physical means, such as exercise, mobility training, massage, heat, water and electricity, as indicated by analysis of evaluations.
Provide care for the adult or geriatric patient, ages 18 years and over.
Apply diagnostic and prognostic muscle, nerve, joint and functional ability tests.
Direct and aid patient in active and active assistive exercises, muscle re- education and gait and functional training, utilizing pulleys and weights, steps and inclined surfaces.
Adapt conventional physical therapy techniques to meet the needs of patients with a variety of communicative and or physical deficits.
Graduate of an accredited School of Physical Therapy approved by the Council on Medical Education of the AMA and the APTA.
Licensed to practice in the state
Ability to work in a high stress environment
Ability to speak, read and write English
Membership in the state and national association for LPT
LPTA’S and other staff members as assigned by the Rehabilitation Therapy Manager